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The Fennimore Group transcends visioning, strategy, design, operations, technology, implementation, and project execution in helping brilliant companies in attaining true excellence.
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About Us

Change, by definition, is unsettling. So if we introduce “change management”, is that any more stable, efficient, or soothing to those affected?

Within our present, interdependent global economy is the assurance that change is our only constant. Our customers’ needs, locations, requirements, predictable rates of sale, and support to our on-going business products or services are, and remain, under constant scrutiny. The only predictable indicator that change has been “managed” or “delivered” is found when our customer recognizes the value and hard work associated with constructive and positive challenge to the way we approach, sustain, accomplish, and deliver optimized business procedures supporting the end to end flow of products and material, synchronized in such a way as to minimize operating costs while simplifying necessary activities.

The Fennimore Group was founded in response to a growing need for unlocking the concealed value in your business without creating chaos inside daily operations. Using generations of senior level leadership experience within global supply chain operations, as well as extensive experience in Project Management, Business Process Re-engineering and Strategic Visioning, we recognize market needs and demands for a unique, simple, and streamlined process in order to achieve flawless execution. Too often plans go awry for one reason for another, and corporations find themselves way over budget, unable to effectively communicate, and a half-integrated system with which staff is often unfamiliar.

The Fennimore Group is uniquely positioned to advance your organization to the next level of operating excellence. The seasoned business depth and experience of our team, coupled with our unique tools, method and approach, permits rapid definition of issues, challenges and urgency to improve. By articulating this vision into realistic and measurable framework, we work alongside front line workers through senior executives into the boardroom in delivering the right results with the right measures and milestones. We guide barrier resolution across the organization and verify this by remaining attached to projects until they reach closure. The outcomes provide a new outlook with improved cost structures and a returning customer base, well positioned for future challenges and opportunities.

Our staff averages 25 years of cross-functional end-to-end manufacturing, retail, and third-party experience including purchasing, planning, finance, distribution, sales, Customs and government regulatory compliance, and global supply chain operations. We've earned advanced degrees, managed corporate responsibility and we take pride in our front-line, hands on delivery as an extension of staff.

Think of The Fennimore Group as your Board Room Advisor, and remember; we deliver on our promise.
The Fennimore Group Delivers
The Fennimore Group provides change management leadership in designing and deploying best practices within Supply Chain Operations Management that include:

Supply Chain
Global Trade Compliance
Integrated Production Planning
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